5 Effective Ways To Increase Your Instagram Followers

Success is a series of small wins.

Hey Loves! Once upon a time, Instagram used to be one of the most viral social media platforms, a lot of content creators and influencers grew their audience through Instagram and it was easier for people to connect with one another. However, with the recent algorithm and issues going on, it became pretty difficult to grow your number of followers but mainly to keep your engagement. So here are some tips that will help you fall back in love with Instagram (hopefully)!

Salut tout le monde! Il était une fois, Instagram était l’une des plates-formes de médias sociaux les plus populaires, beaucoup de créateurs et d’influenceurs ont augmenté leur audience grâce à Instagram et il était plus facile pour les personnes de se connecter. Cependant, avec l’algorithme récent et les problèmes en cours, il est devenu très difficile d’accroître votre nombre d’adeptes mais surtout de garder votre engagement. Alors voici quelques conseils qui vous aideront à réintégrer Instagram (j’espère)!

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Follow others in your niche

I think one of the reasons why it became difficult to gain followers on Instagram is because we don’t follow new accounts as we used to, so obviously you can’t expect people to follow you if you don’t follow them back. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should follow everyone that follows you but follow people who are in your niche.

For instance, if you’re a beauty blogger then you need to find other bloggers who are in the same niche as yours which in this case is beauty. Once you’ve found them, follow, like and comment on their pictures! Obviously you can follow other bloggers who are in different niches as well – it’s all about connecting with other bloggers so feel free to follow anyone.

There are so many benefits when it comes to connecting with other bloggers in your niche, you can find many people who share the same interest and passion as yours. In addition, you can connect with multiple bloggers which will always be good for your blog.

Je pense que l’une des raisons pour lesquelles il est devenu difficile d’obtenir des adeptes sur Instagram est parce que nous ne suivons pas de nouveaux comptes comme nous l’avions l’habitude, donc évidemment, vous ne pouvez pas vous attendre à ce que les gens vous suivent si vous ne les suivez pas. Ne me méprenez pas, je ne dis pas que vous devriez suivre tout le monde qui vous suit, mais suivez les gens qui sont dans votre créneau.

Par exemple, si vous êtes un blogueur de beauté, vous devez trouver d’autres blogueurs qui se trouvent dans le même créneau que le vôtre qui, dans ce cas, est la beauté. Une fois que vous les avez trouvés, suivez, aimez et commentez sur leurs photos! De toute évidence, vous pouvez suivre d’autres blogueurs qui sont également dans des niches différentes – il s’agit de se connecter avec d’autres blogueurs, alors n’hésitez pas à suivre tout le monde.

Il y a tellement d’avantages quand il s’agit de se connecter avec d’autres blogueurs dans votre créneau, vous pouvez trouver beaucoup de personnes qui partagent le même intérêt et passion que le vôtre. En outre, vous pouvez vous connecter à plusieurs blogueurs qui seront toujours bons pour votre blog.


Interact with others

I’m pretty sure everyone uses a set of hashtags under their pictures, if you want other accounts to engage with you then first start engaging with people who use the same hashtags as yours. Comment and like their pictures, trust me you’ll see a huge difference!

Je suis tout à fait sûr que tout le monde utilise un ensemble de hashtags sous leurs images, si vous voulez que d’autres comptes s’engagent avec vous, commencez à engager avec des personnes qui utilisent les mêmes hashtags que les vôtres. Commentez et aimez leurs images, croyez-moi, vous verrez une énorme différence!


Good quality pictures

Make sure you upload good quality pictures, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to take your pictures using an expensive camera but you have to check that the picture isn’t pixelated or blurry. In my opinion, you can take great pictures using your smartphone whether it’s an iPhone or Android device.

Assurez-vous de télécharger des images de bonne qualité, cela ne signifie pas nécessairement que vous devez prendre vos photos à l’aide d’une caméra coûteuse, mais vous devez vérifier que l’image n’est pas pixellisée ou floue. À mon avis, vous pouvez prendre de superbes photos à l’aide de votre portable, qu’il s’agisse d’un iPhone ou d’un appareil Android.


Stick with a theme

Personally, I don’t think you should have a theme for your Instagram because not only it takes a lot of time and effort to do it, but it restricts you to upload anything you want. You have to check that the picture suits your theme before uploading and if it doesn’t, you can’t upload it – because it will “ruin” your theme.

However, it’s important to try to stick with a theme on Instagram because a lot of people view Instagram as a portfolio. As I said previously, you don’t have to stick with a colour theme or anything that is too drastic but make sure you have a consistent theme visually.

Personnellement, je ne pense pas que vous devriez avoir un thème pour votre Instagram parce que non seulement il faut beaucoup de temps et d’efforts pour le faire, mais cela vous limite de télécharger tout ce que vous voulez. Vous devez vérifier que l’image s’adapte à votre thème avant de télécharger et si cela ne l’est pas, vous ne pouvez pas le télécharger, car il “ruinera” votre thème.

Cependant, il est important d’essayer de respecter un thème sur Instagram parce que beaucoup de gens voient Instagram comme un portfolio. Comme je l’ai déjà dit, vous ne devez pas tenir compte d’un thème de couleur ou de tout ce qui est trop drastique, mais assurez-vous d’avoir un thème cohérent visuellement.


Use hashtags

Hashtags are the keys to promote your posts! You can use up to 30 hashtags which is a large number of hashtags if you ask me, so why waste them? Use relevant hashtags and not only it will promote your posts but it gives the opportunity for your account to be seen by thousands of followers.

Les hashtags sont les clés pour promouvoir vos publications! Vous pouvez utiliser jusqu’à 30 hashtags qui est un grand nombre de hashtags si vous me le demandez, alors pourquoi les gaspiller? Utilisez des hashtags pertinents et non seulement il favorisera vos publications, mais il donnera l’occasion de voir votre compte par des milliers d’adeptes.


*Extra* Join Instagram pods

If you’ve been shadow banned or the new algorithm has messed up your engagement then you can join an Instagram pod. I’m thinking about doing a very detailed blog post about it so stay tuned for that! In simple words, an Instagram pod will help with your engagement in terms of likes and comments so if you don’t get as many likes and comments as you used to then joining a pod will be very effective for you.

Si le nouvel algorithme a dérangé votre engagement, vous pouvez vous joindre à un pod d’Instagram. Je pense à faire une publication de blog très détaillée à ce sujet, alors restez à l’écoute de cela! En mots simples, un pod d’Instagram aidera à votre engagement en termes d’aimes et de commentaires, donc, si vous n’obtenez pas autant de commentaires que vous avez l’habitude alors joignez à un pod, cela sera très efficace pour vous.



xo N

  1. Love the post! Really helpful! And I think sticking to one theme is really hard I can’t go two months with one theme!
    Check out my most recent post and let me know your thoughts about it! xx

    1. I’ll be doing a detailed post next week or so with the pros and cons, and if it’s really worth it! With the new algorithm, it’s so hard to keep your engagement alive. People are either not getting any likes or losing followers, it’s just ridiculous 😑

    1. Thank you love! I’ve been trying to do a theme too but it’s so difficult! Using the same background will obviously give the illusion of having a theme. Also, check if your pictures stand out particularly on a specific colour. For instance if your pictures have a pink undertone then use pink as the main colour theme, add pink props to your flatlays and look for pink objects when taking pictures. I was thinking about doing a series of blog posts about it, let me know if it’s something that you’re interested in! xx

    2. Yeah, I was actually thinking of using the same color background for my pictures to see if it creates the illusion of a theme, but wasn’t sure if it would work! I will surely try it out and yes, it would be super helpful to see some posts on it! I will definitely be looking forward to them ☺️
      Thanks for the tips! 💕💕

  2. I have recenrly found that hashtags aren’t working for me at all, I really don’t know why, however i​t’s really knocked my likes and comments. Usually getting a few likes from hashtags would bump up my post enough to get it noticed by my followers instead of getting lost in their timeline, this new algorithm sucks.

    1. Oh no hun! I think you’re either using broken hashtags or you’ve been shadow banned. Make sure that all your hashtags are working properly and aren’t broken, this happened to me last year and I’ve lost my passion for Instagram to be honest x

    2. Legit after posting this comment I searched it all, and I’ve removed broken hashtags from all my posts so hopefully Instagram will sort themselves out x

  3. At the moment I think Instagram is a great tool, if you are a business owner, thinking of taking your blog to the next level & meeting like minded people .

    1. That’s so true! But with the new algorithm, it’s hard to grow your following especially if you’re a small blogger. Hopefully it will work out soon! x

    1. Thank you Marina! I’ll definitely be doing a blog post about it, I’ll include a guide on how to create one and more details on what to expect from it x

    1. Having a catching bio and posting constantly on Instagram will help to gain traffic on your blog. Share your blog posts on your Insta stories as well! x

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  5. Tres bien! I am new to both blogging here and IG and it is challenging. I find people follow, to be followed–only to “unfollow”–what!?! It’s a little frustrating but, I am NOT giving up! @alana2flowers Thanks for this great post or merci beaucoup! ❤️

  6. Thank you so much for this post!! It was really helpful and I will definitely start applying those tips now. What exactly is an Instagram post, tho? I would like to know more about those!
    Lots of love!

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    1. You can post whatever you want or stick to a theme so there aren’t any specific rules on Instagram, you can do whatever you want as long as the quality of the pictures are good 😘

  8. Instagram is being very discouraging at the moment but since I’ve decided to let go of the follower count, I’m not worried anymore. Still, sometimes I get envy when I see that I’m stuck in the same range but it’s okay. In the end, my blog is my main focus and passion so I’m going to spend more time on that.

  9. Love this article! I’m a bit curious though, what is an instagram pod? Never heard of it till now but I’m definitely interested in learning if it works for you!

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