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How To Pitch To Brands As A Blogger + Template

Not every blogger gets the opportunity to work with a brand, let alone monetise their blog but it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. Some bloggers get the opportunity to work with reputable & well known brands after they’ve reached a certain number of followers whilst others get contacted by the brands directly.

Personally, I don’t view pitching to a brand unprofessional as long as the message is polite, clear and respectful. Actually, it’s something I would recommend any bloggers to do at least once. Obviously, you never know if you will receive a positive response or any response for that matter but it’s worth trying.

Tous les blogueurs n’ont pas la possibilité de travailler avec une marque, et encore moins de monétiser leur blog, mais cela ne signifie pas que c’est impossible. Certains blogueurs ont l’opportunité de travailler avec des marques réputées et bien connues après avoir atteint un certain nombre d’adeptes tandis que d’autres sont contactés directement par les marques.

Personnellement, je ne considère pas que pitcher une marque comme non professionnelle tant que le message est poli, clair et respectueux. En fait, c’est quelque chose que je recommanderais aux blogueurs de faire au moins une fois. De toute évidence, vous ne savez jamais si vous recevrez une réponse positive ou une réponse d’ailleurs, mais cela vaut la peine d’essayer.

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Although I’ve said that any bloggers can pitch to brands, there are certain criteria you need to check that would increase your chances of getting a positive response. You don’t need thousands and thousands of followers in order to work with a brand. I think more brands are looking to work with micro-bloggers & micro-influencers because not only they have a strong & high engagement but they produce great quality work.

Therefore you can’t expect to work with popular brands if you only have hundreds of followers. Obviously it’s such a shame but you have to think from a brand’s perspective as well. A good number of followers is considered to be over 2k or 3k, if you have more than – what are you waiting for!?

Another thing worth checking is the fact that each brand has different requirements when it comes to working with bloggers and influencers. Even if you look at makeup brands in general, some brands might work with influencers that have 5k followers whereas others will require you to have at least 10k followers.

In addition, some brands are more focused on your website whilst others take into consideration your Instagram. You might have over 20k email subscribers and great traffic on your website but what matters for that brand will be the number of followers you have on Instagram which is literally what most brands are looking for.

Even though Instagram is the main platform you should look into when pitching to a brand, having a blog alongside your Instagram will be more beneficial. As much as brands are putting way more importance on Instagram, they know a blog is as effective so if you don’t have a blog – I would highly recommend to create one!

Bien que j’aie dit que tous les blogueurs peuvent pitcher aux marques, il y a certains critères à vérifier qui augmenteraient vos chances d’obtenir une réponse positive. Vous n’avez pas besoin de milliers et de milliers d’abonnés pour travailler avec une marque. Je pense que plus de marques cherchent à travailler avec des micro-blogueurs et des micro-influenceurs parce que non seulement ils ont un engagement fort et élevé, mais ils produisent un travail de grande qualité.

Par conséquent, vous ne pouvez pas vous attendre à travailler avec des marques populaires si vous n’avez que des centaines de followers. Évidemment, c’est vraiment dommage, mais il faut aussi penser du point de vue d’une marque. Un bon nombre de followers est considéré comme supérieur à 2k ou 3k, si vous en avez plus – qu’attendez-vous!?

Une autre chose à vérifier est le fait que chaque marque a des exigences différentes lorsqu’il s’agit de travailler avec des blogueurs et des influenceurs. Même si vous regardez les marques de maquillage en général, certaines marques peuvent travailler avec des influenceurs qui ont 5k followers alors que d’autres vous demanderont d’avoir au moins 10k followers.

De plus, certaines marques se concentrent davantage sur votre site Web tandis que d’autres prennent en compte votre Instagram. Vous pourriez avoir plus de 20 000 abonnés au courrier électronique et un trafic important sur votre site Web, mais ce qui compte pour cette marque sera le nombre d’abonnés que vous avez sur Instagram, ce qui est littéralement ce que la plupart des marques recherchent.

Même si Instagram est la principale plate-forme que vous devez examiner lorsque vous pitchez une marque, avoir un blog à côté de votre Instagram sera plus avantageux. Même si les marques accordent beaucoup plus d’importance à Instagram, elles savent qu’un blog est aussi efficace, donc si vous n’en avez pas un – je vous recommande vivement d’en créer!

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The next step is to find out which method is the best to contact the brand in question. Is it by email or DM? The answer is it depends on the brand. Although I would recommend to pitch to a brand by sending an email, sending a DM can be as effective as well.

Most brands would prefer an email as it’s much easier for them to sort through. An important element of pitching is your media kit which is much easier to send by email. If you didn’t know what a media kit is, it’s a document that contains all your blog/social media platform’s information for example the number of followers, your demographic, your blog statistics and the services you offer. Some even add their rates.

I’m planning on making a separate blog post about this subject so stay tuned for that! You can obviously have your media kit as a picture and send it through DM but personally it’s not something I would do but if you want to do it that way – please go for it!

Most bloggers pitch to a brand by email unless the brand in question doesn’t have thousands of followers on Instagram. Most brands utilise their social media platforms for customer service so it won’t be the ideal method to contact as they will receive hundreds, if not thousands of enquiries on an daily basis.

On the other hand, if the brand in question doesn’t have thousands and thousands of followers on their social media platforms, it’s definitely worth trying. Also, most influencers/bloggers think about Instagram when sending a private message but Twitter is another great platform to reach out as well.

I know another question most bloggers and influencers will be asking, where to find the email address? It’s actually quite simple. Certain brands will have their email address on their contact page so you’ll find two email addresses. One for customer enquiries and another for press enquiries, not forgetting the contact form. Some brands don’t have a separate email address purely for press enquiries so you’ll have to do a bit of digging to find out but a quick Google search will give you the answer.



When pitching to a brand, you want your message to be short and sweet. It has to be efficient but at the same time straight to the point as well. The PR person who is going to read your message isn’t looking for an essay and doesn’t have that much time on their hands to read your long message even if they wanted to.

Introduce yourself in one sentence and list your best stats and the strengths of your blog and social media platforms. Add your personal touch and tell them the reason why you would like to work with them. If you have/had used any of their products in the past, this is the time to tell! If one of their products is your absolute favourite and you reviewed it on your blog or social media platform, share the link!



Hello there,

My name is [your name] and I am a [your niche] blogger and I just wanted to introduce myself. I cover [your topics] on my blog. [Mention your best stat]. I’ve been using your [one of their products] for the past two years now and the quality is amazing. I’ve recommended to my readers as well and they all love it as well: [add the link]. [Mention your second best stat].

I’m reaching out today as I wanted to see if you were looking for bloggers to work with. If so, then I would love to be considered!

If you would like any further information then please let me know. I’ve attached my media kit to view my stats more in-depth

Hope to hear from you soon!

Many thanks,
[your name]
[your website]



xo N

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    1. Absolutely! You can change some of the sentences to fit your type of pitch. But if you are contacting another blogger, you can definitely be a bit more informal. My pleasure ☺️

  1. Very informative and well written. 🙂

    I’d love to see a follow-up post on your views on how to work with companies and still be objective and maintain your credibility with your audience. It’s a fine line, but I believe it can be done. 🙂

  2. This was just the thing I needed! I’ve yet to take the plunge in reaching out to brands mainly because I had no idea what to write in an email 😂 thank you so much for sharing! Xx

  3. Thank you for another great post! You see, that is a sore point for me. I have been blogging for years now and have been trying to implement all the different tips and tricks that people have said in order to help my blog, but I still only have 156 followers (and I’m very grateful for them). Instagram is a little bit of a running joke in my house because most of my followers are fake men in Nigeria (if you check my insights). I would really like to have more followers but not sure what else I can do to get more, besides bribing them, haha! I won’t give up though and I will keep going because my blog is my baby.

    1. You’re so welcome love! You definitely got this 👊🏼 Instagram is definitely hard for everyone, you have to implement so many different things in order to gain followers consistently and all those things require a lot of time and work. Don’t give up ❤️

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