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How To Manage Your Time While Being A Student & Blogger

It can be hard to have spare time for your blog when you are a full-time student, you might have additional priorities as well that’s why it’s really important you focus on your time management. In this post, I’ve gathered some tips I do to manage my time in order to be productive while being a student and blogger! If you’re interested, make sure to check them out!

Il peut être difficile d’avoir du temps libre pour votre blog lorsque vous êtes un étudiant à temps plein. Vous pouvez également avoir des priorités supplémentaires. Il est donc très important que vous vous concentriez sur la gestion de votre temps. Dans cet article, j’ai rassemblé quelques astuces pour gérer mon temps afin d’être productif tout en étant étudiant et blogueur! Si cela vous intéresse, assurez-vous de les vérifier!

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We can all agree that the only way to be productive is to plan everything beforehand that’s why I like to use a weekly and monthly planner as well as an editorial calendar. The ones I use are digital and I’ve created them by myself (I have way too much time on my hands haha) but you can use planners in a paper format as well, it’s all about what works for you.

With your planner, you can make sure to plan all your uni/school and blogging tasks. For instance, if you have an important assignment, essay or dissertation to do, your professor will give you the deadline in advance and you can prepare any blog posts for the weeks coming up beforehand, from that way you don’t have to worry about your blog and completely focus your time and energy on your assignment.

Nous pouvons tous convenir que le seul moyen d’être productif est de tout planifier à l’avance, c’est pourquoi j’aime utiliser un agenda hebdomadaire et mensuel ainsi qu’un calendrier éditorial. Celles que j’utilise sont numériques et je les ai créées moi-même (j’ai trop de temps, haha), mais vous pouvez également utiliser des agendas au format papier. Tout dépend de ce qui fonctionne pour vous.

Avec votre agenda, vous pouvez vous assurer de planifier toutes vos tâches d’université / d’école et de blogging. Par exemple, si vous avez une tâche importante, un essai ou une thèse à faire, votre professeur vous indiquera la date limite à l’avance et vous pouvez préparer des billets de blog pour les semaines à venir, vous évitant ainsi de vous inquiéter pour votre blog et concentrer complètement votre temps et votre énergie sur votre essai.

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This is where an editorial calendar comes in handy! You can brainstorm and prepare all your blog posts beforehand for the week, month or even for the year! Whenever I have spare time, I check my editorial calendar and write blog posts that’s the only way I’m able to publish two blog posts every week.

C’est là qu’un calendrier éditorial est utile! Vous pouvez faire un brainstorming et préparer tous vos articles de blog à l’avance pour la semaine, le mois ou même pour l’année! Chaque fois que j’ai du temps libre, je consulte mon calendrier éditorial et rédige des articles de blog, ce qui me permet de publier deux articles de blog chaque semaine.

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After you’ve planned your week/month, it’s important that you keep track of it to make sure you haven’t missed anything. If you have prepared a blog post, schedule it! The same goes for Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

There are so many scheduling tools you can use for your social media platforms. In addition, do an overview every week which will make sure that you’re right on track with your blog, social media and school/uni work.

Une fois que vous avez planifié votre semaine/mois, il est important que vous en preniez note pour vous assurer de n’avoir rien oublié. Si vous avez préparé un article de blog, planifiez-le! Il en va de même pour Instagram, Twitter et Pinterest.

Il existe tellement d’outils de planification que vous pouvez utiliser pour vos plates-formes de médias sociaux. En outre, faites un aperçu toutes les semaines pour vous assurer que vous êtes sur la bonne voie avec votre blog, vos médias sociaux et votre travail scolaire/universitaire.

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When you are a full-time student, you hardly find time to relax so let alone work on your blog. But something I’ve learned the past year is to take advantage of any breaks or spare time you have.

If you have a break in between classes, catch up on Instagram and on your blog comments. You can prepare your blog posts during your lunch breaks. Don’t waste any spare time and most importantly don’t procrastinate!

Lorsque vous étudiez à plein temps, vous avez à peine le temps de vous détendre, alors encors moins pour travailler sur votre blog. Mais quelque chose que j’ai appris au cours de la dernière année est de tirer parti de vos pauses ou de votre temps libre.

Si vous avez une pause entre les cours, rattrapez Instagram et les commentaires de votre blog. Vous pouvez préparer les articles de votre blog pendant vos pauses déjeuner. Ne perdez pas de temps libre et, surtout, ne tergiversez pas!

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Last but not least, make a to-do list every single day. You’ll know what tasks to do on an everyday basis which will help you in the long run. Even if it’s a small task like commenting on other blog posts or posting a picture on Instagram. Write it down on your list, from that way you won’t forget it.

Dernier point mais non le moindre, faites une liste de tâches à faire chaque jour. Vous saurez quelles tâches à effectuer au quotidien qui vous aideront à long terme. Même si c’est une petite tâche comme commenter sur d’autres articles de blog ou poster une photo sur Instagram. Ecrivez-le sur votre liste, de cette façon, vous ne l’oublierez pas.



xo N

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  1. New Lune – you are absolutely correct. For those Procrastinators out there (like myself), I’ve come to realize that the only productive way to stay on task is to organize and strategize. Planning is key in GETTING THINGS DONE. I appreciate your post because it’s a great reminder of how critical time management is to one’s success in blogging (or in anything you do). Keep up the great work and have a wonderful day.

  2. I am a Chinese junior high student YouTuber. My school bans bringing electronic devices (e. g. phone, iPad, computer, Kindle ebook), so I only have time to update my blog and YouTube channel on weekends, and I can’t write my blog during the breaks. I usually use Wunderlist to make my to-do list.
    Also, I am busy with my study have too many extra classes every weekend, so I have to write my blog on the subway.
    I finished my school’s final exam today and summer holiday will start in a few days later, so I have time to write my blog every single day.

  3. Some really useful tips here! I haven’t been a student for years now but I find managing my time on my blog difficult with a full time job. One of things I’ve found most helpful is definitely preparing and scheduling posts beforehand and I’ve found that my lunch break is a great time to respond to comments and catch up on fellow bloggers posts 🙂 thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you lovely! It’s so difficult to manage your blog while working full-time and you’re absolutely right, planning is the key 👌🏼

  4. This was exactly what I needed to read right now. Balancing my blog and school has been difficult, but it’s also worth it and I really enjoy blogging. These tips are great! Staying organized is honestly the best way to manage everything and the scheduling tool makes life so much easier 🙂

  5. This is such a nice list! I just started my blog this summer and was wondering how best to manage it once I’m back in classes. Thanks for sharing!

  6. This is something I relate to so much! I am in university and managing a blog, part time job and my studies isn’t easy!
    I would love if you could check out my blog!

  7. Being a student, I have been finding it so hard to publish my blog post at least twice a month, but I have really seen a wonderful strategy today from you…
    Thank you so much for the tips…

  8. These are very helpful tips, New Lune! Thank you for sharing. I’m also in college and it could get hard balancing blogging and schoolwork. Although, I do try to plan my posts ahead of time. Keep up the great work 👍😊

  9. I just want to say that I love your advice. I’m currently my second attempt at blogging and I know your advice will help .
    Thank you.

  10. Yes – agree 💯 with everything you articulated here! I’m so big on pre-planning and following an editorial calendar… otherwise I’d never be able to maintain consistency with posting! 📅

  11. I have literally just entered the blogging world and am overwhelmed with new information. This has been very helpful, thanks!

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