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5 Places To Blog Productively

Most people write their blog posts and work on their blog in their bedroom, including myself. However, there are certain places where you can blog productively and efficiently. Not only will it help you boost your productivity but it will definitely help you get more things done quickly. If you want to find out those places, keep on reading!

La plupart des gens écrivent leurs articles de blog et travaillent sur leur blog dans leur chambre, y compris moi-même. Cependant, il existe certains endroits où vous pouvez bloguer de manière productive et efficace. Non seulement cela vous aidera à augmenter votre productivité, mais cela vous aidera certainement à faire plus de choses rapidement. Si vous voulez découvrir ces endroits, continuez à lire!

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I think the first place that comes to my mind is definitely the library, whether it’s your local library or school/uni library – it’s the perfect place to blog quietly without any disturbances. I always make sure to put my phone on airplane or silent mode. I’ve written so many blog posts in my uni library when I first started blogging. I think when you have been writing essays all day long, writing a blog post just naturally comes at you and you don’t even have to search for inspiration to write.

Je pense que le premier endroit qui me vient à l’esprit est définitivement la bibliothèque, que ce soit votre bibliothèque locale ou votre bibliothèque de faq – c’est l’endroit idéal pour bloguer tranquillement sans aucune perturbation. Je m’assure toujours de mettre mon téléphone en mode silencieux. J’ai écrit tellement de billets de blog dans ma bibliothèque de faq quand j’ai commencé à bloguer. Je pense que lorsque vous avez écrit des essais/dissertations toute la journée, écrire un billet de blog vient naturellement à vous et vous n’avez même pas besoin de chercher de l’inspiration pour écrire.

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Another place where I enjoy writing blog posts is in a cafe. The atmosphere is so warm and calm which really helps you boost your productivity. In addition, you can even order something to drink or eat, what more do you want? I definitely prefer going in the mornings when there’s less people.

Un autre endroit où j’aime écrire des articles de blog est dans un café. L’atmosphère est si chaleureuse et calme ce qui vous aide vraiment à augmenter votre productivité. De plus, vous pouvez même commander quelque chose à boire ou à manger, que voulez-vous de plus? Je préfère définitivement y aller le matin quand il y a moins de monde.

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If you love blogging and be in nature, bringing your laptop in a park & working on your blog is literally something you need to try! Especially in the summertime when it’s warm and beautiful outside. I really think it would help you inspire and work in a productive manner.

Si vous aimez bloguer et être dans la nature, amener votre ordinateur portable dans un parc et travailler sur votre blog est littéralement quelque chose que vous devez essayer! Surtout en été quand il fait chaud et beau dehors. Je pense vraiment que cela vous aiderait à inspirer et à travailler de manière productive.



If you don’t want to go to a park and want privacy while still being outdoor, why don’t you blog in your garden? If you don’t have a garden, you can blog in your balcony if you have the space for it. If you don’t have both options, just try blogging in a different room or space. Take advantage of every single corner in your home, sometimes what you need to boost your productivity is just a change of place.

Si vous ne voulez pas aller dans un parc et que vous voulez de l’intimité tout en étant à l’extérieur, pourquoi ne bloguez-vous pas dans votre jardin? Si vous n’avez pas de jardin, vous pouvez bloguer sur votre balcon si vous en avez l’espace. Si vous n’avez pas les deux options, essayez simplement de bloguer dans une autre pièce ou un autre espace. Profitez de chaque coin de votre maison, parfois ce dont vous avez besoin pour augmenter votre productivité n’est qu’un changement de lieu.



If you are travelling or going on trips multiple times throughout the year, blogging in a hotel room seems like a great place! Can you imagine writing blog posts in your hotel room while being on a holiday or trip!? There are definitely both pros and cons to it, for instance if you are tired and just want to relax – I’m pretty sure the last thing you want is to work on your blog. On the other hand, working on your blog while being abroad will give you a different experience as opposed to working from home.

Si vous voyagez ou partez en voyage plusieurs fois dans l’année, bloguer dans un chambre d’hôtel semble être un endroit idéal! Pouvez-vous imaginer écrire des articles de blog dans votre chambre d’hôtel tout en étant en vacances ou en voyage!? Il y a certainement des avantages et des inconvénients, par exemple si vous êtes fatigué et que vous voulez simplement vous détendre – je suis sûr que la dernière chose que vous voulez est de travailler sur votre blog. D’un autre côté, travailler sur votre blog à l’étranger vous donnera une expérience différente par rapport au travail à domicile.



xo N

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  1. I’ve always blogged from my home, so it’s my favourite 😁
    But I would love try other places suggested by you

    1. I’m not going to lie, it’s my favourite too! But when you’ve lost inspiration or need a boost of productivity & motivation, blogging in different places really helps you. Thanks for reading ☺️

    2. Yes, that sounds valid too. I would love to try writing in a library or a garden 😃

  2. I’m used to blogging from home. I can’t say that it’s the most ideal ambience for blogging, especially when I remember how noisy my family (and my roommate, when I’m at school) can be. But it works for me.

    Although I fancy the idea of blogging from the library. I’ve never tried or thought about it before, but I imagine that it will more efficient than working from home.

    1. I’m totally used to blogging from home as well but it feels nice (at least to me) to switch things up once in a while when I lack motivation. Thank you for reading ☺️

  3. You being up a great point. Blogging, or writing from the same place all the time, while comfortable, could be limiting. New stimuli can create new perspective. Thank you for this.

  4. I love blogging from both the library and coffee shops I think they are great spaces for productivity and creativity.

  5. I’ve actually made it a point to spend more time at the library. I live within walking distance to our city library and it is almost always completely empty; perfect place to study and write!

  6. It’s always good that you change your place of working from time to time. In fact, most researchers says that changing places every 4th to 6th days increases productivity.
    You have shared a great and helpful post. 💖 Have a great day. 🙏

  7. I generally write while at home in our living room. In the summer when the weather is good, I can be found out in our garden/patio at times pounding away on the keyboard.

    Last summer I did post an article while sitting in a airport waiting for a flight to eastern Canada.

    Some places are likely better than others, but realistically you can write anywhere. If you don’t have access to your laptop or internet, a notebook and pen works as well.

    1. Definitely! You can even use the notes app on your phone! I’ve never thought of working on your blog while being in an airport. It’s such a great place as well!

    2. It sure passed the two or three hours waiting for my flight. I used a notebook when on the flight to do a draft of a post and to write some poetry as well. Seats too close together to use laptop. No apparent perks to flying economy. lol

    3. Sounds like you had a productive time! I don’t think I am capable of working on blog posts when I’m in the flight. I always read a book and I can’t focus on anything else haha x

    1. It happens to me way too often that’s the reason why I always try to switch the place/space, hoping it will boost my creativity and it definitely does! Thanks for reading gorgeous x

  8. I also write most of my posts in my room but I also find coffee shops with nice views are really inspiring! And a good playlist helps me concentrate too x

    1. Actually it’s quite the opposite for me. I’ll be distracted with a good playlist and won’t get any work done hahah 😅 Coffee shops with nice views are just the best 👌🏼

  9. I would love to find a good garden around when it gets warmer. I think I’ll go to the library this weekend. As a freelance writer it gets lonely at home, talking to your cat.

    1. I can’t wait to work on my blog in my garden this summer! I’m pretty sure your cat loves that you are talking to him/her and I can definitely relate to the lonely part. You should definitely go to the library, it’s such a fab place. Thanks for reading my love x

  10. Thanks for sharing this! Most of the times I write posts when I’m at home. Now after reading your post, I can’t just wait to try all the other places you have mentioned. It would be cool to try different places and thanks again for sharing this. Loved reading it! ♥️

    Have a wonderful day my friend. Xx

  11. Nice article. I find outdoors and hotel rooms to be bothersome personally. Parks and such are just too distracting, and most the time hotel rooms aren’t really comfortable enough for me to sit down a knock out an essay after a long day. As a photographer, I have to set up a news room, but I can get it done.

  12. Working from home’s my vibe, but maybe letting dogs in and out all day’s slowing me down. Totally appreciate this kick in the skirt.💖

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  14. Hello, I enjoy blogging from home; I have a sea-view so that says it all! But from time to time I like to blog at one of my favourite cafes; inspiration can be sparked just by observing something different. I must say though it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything! It’s on the top of my to-do list for 2020… Thanks.

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