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4 Fun Things To Do At Home

I hope you are all doing well! With the current situation that’s going on whether you are self-isolating, in quarantine or can’t leave your home, you might feel the pressure to work productively at home or to do something efficiently which is completely normal. Depending on your situation, you might be working from home so you don’t have any other choice than to be motivated and work productively. I understand for others, it might be the complete opposite.

You might not have the option to work from home and might be worried about your health, finances and your future. Obviously I don’t know what’s going to happen in a couple of month’s time but I truly hope that everything will be back to normal. In the meantime, there are a number of fun things you can do at home which will help you distract your mind from everything that’s going on and obviously help you not to feel bored at home.

J’espère que vous allez tous très bien! Dans la situation actuelle, que vous vous isoliez, que vous soyez en quarantaine ou que vous ne puissiez pas quitter votre domicile, vous pourriez ressentir la pression de travailler de manière productive à la maison ou de faire quelque chose efficacement, ce qui est tout à fait normal. Selon votre situation, vous pouvez travailler à domicile, vous n’avez donc pas d’autre choix que d’être motivé et de travailler de manière productive. Je comprends pour les autres, ce pourrait être tout le contraire.

Vous pourriez ne pas avoir la possibilité de travailler à domicile et vous inquiéter pour votre santé, vos finances et votre avenir. Évidemment, je ne sais pas ce qui va se passer dans quelques mois, mais j’espère vraiment que tout reviendra à la normale. En attendant, il y a un certain nombre de choses amusantes que vous pouvez faire à la maison qui vous aideront à distraire votre esprit de tout ce qui se passe et vous aidera évidemment à ne pas vous ennuyer à la maison.

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One of my favourite things to do in the entire world is to read a book. I know it might not be everyone’s cup of tea but this is literally the perfect time to read and I find it a great way to escape the reality. You can read anything you want, a novel, manga, comic, etc. It’s all up to your preference!

Personally my favourite genre is thriller when it comes to novels. I can literally immerse myself completely into the story and forget what’s happening in real life. If you love to read mangas, I would recommend to check out the app Manga Rock – there are literally hundreds if not thousands of mangas available for free!

My favourite manga of all time is Detective Conan (aka Case Closed/Meitantei Konan) which I’ve been reading ever since I was 10 years old. I was so obsessed (still am) with it that I thought of creating a fan page/forum when I was in school since nobody in my real life read it or knew about it that’s how much I adored it! If you are into suspense, mystery and crime thriller, you will love it!

L’une de mes activités préférées dans le monde entier est de lire un livre. C’est littéralement le moment idéal pour lire et je trouve que c’est un excellent moyen d’échapper à la réalité. Vous pouvez lire tout ce que vous voulez, un roman, un manga, une bande dessinée, etc. Tout dépend de vous!

Personnellement, mon genre préféré est le thriller en matière de romans. Je peux littéralement me plonger complètement dans l’histoire et oublier ce qui se passe dans la vraie vie. Si vous aimez lire des mangas, je vous recommande de consulter l’application Manga Rock – il y a littéralement des centaines sinon des milliers de mangas disponibles gratuitement!

Mon manga préféré de tous les temps est Detective Conan (alias Case Closed / Meitantei Konan) que je lis depuis l’âge de 10 ans. J’étais tellement obsédé (je le suis toujours) que j’ai pensé à créer une page / forum de fans quand j’étais à l’école car personne dans ma vie ne l’a lu ou ne le savait, c’est à quel point je l’adorais! Si vous aimez le suspense, le mystère et le thriller policier, vous allez l’adorer!



I don’t think there is a better time to catch up on all your favourite TV shows than now! You can watch your favourite movies, TV shows, anime, etc. To be honest, I don’t really watch TV shows but I love to watch films.

The year before I started my first year at university, I really wanted to enjoy my summer holidays to the fullest so I promised myself that I would watch at least one film per day. I ended up watching over 97 films that summer and I don’t regret it at all lol! It’s probably one of the summers I can truly say that I enjoyed and did something “productive” haha!

Je ne pense pas qu’il y ait un meilleur moment pour rattraper tous vos programmes TV préférés que maintenant! Vous pouvez regarder vos films, émissions de télévision, dessins animés préférés, etc. Pour être honnête, je ne regarde pas vraiment les émissions de télévision, mais j’aime regarder des films.

L’année avant de commencer ma première année à l’université, je voulais vraiment profiter au maximum de mes vacances d’été alors je me suis promis de regarder au moins un film par jour. J’ai fini par regarder plus de 97 films cet été-là et je ne le regrette pas du tout lol! C’est probablement l’un des étés que je peux vraiment dire que j’ai apprécié et fait quelque chose de “productif” haha!

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Another fun thing you can do at home is play games and I’m not only talking about board games but video games as well. I know not everyone has the option to buy or afford a gaming console but there are so many free games available on your phone as well that are just as good.

If you are into role-playing games, I would recommend to check out the app called Episode. One of my favourite games is Mario Kart Tour which I’ve been playing non-stop for the past month now! Let me know your favourite games in the comments down, I would love to check them out!

Une autre chose amusante que vous pouvez faire à la maison est de jouer à des jeux et je ne parle pas seulement des jeux de société, mais aussi des jeux vidéo. Je sais que tout le monde n’a pas la possibilité d’acheter ou de s’offrir une console de jeu, mais il y a tellement de jeux gratuits disponibles sur votre téléphone qui sont tout aussi bons.

Si vous aimez les jeux de rôle, je vous recommande de consulter l’application Episode. L’un de mes jeux préférés est Mario Kart Tour auquel je joue sans arrêt depuis un mois! Faites-moi savoir vos jeux préférés dans les commentaires, j’adorerais les vérifier!



If you want to escape time then the only way to do that is by listening to music. Yesterday, I might have been listening music for 4 hours straight but it felt like only an hour had passed which is so crazy to me.

Listening to the same playlists might make you feel bored to the point you don’t even want to listen to anything. At least that’s what happens to me every couple of days haha! So I try to listen to new songs, even in different languages and I’ve ended up finding great gems.

Si vous voulez échapper au temps, la seule façon de le faire est d’écouter de la musique. Hier, j’aurais peut-être écouté de la musique pendant 4 heures d’affilée, mais j’avais l’impression qu’une heure seulement s’était écoulée, ce qui est tellement fou pour moi.

Écouter les mêmes listes de lecture peut vous ennuyer au point de ne plus vouloir écouter quoi que ce soit. C’est du moins ce qui m’arrive tous les deux jours haha! J’essaie donc d’écouter de nouvelles chansons, même dans différentes langues.



xo N

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  1. I watched sometimes up to 9 films in one day the one school holiday I was on. Everyday for the whole holiday I watched films. It was fantastic lol. Music wise have spotify to play an album I like and then start playing suggestions ofter album finished. Very rarely do I skip a track it suggests and yes have also found real gems. Guess now would be good to get up to speed on blogging and vlogging. Anyway thanks for your awesome content always a good read. Big hugs and stay safe.

    1. Ours is for three weeks which started from Monday so I think it’s until the 13th or 14th of April but everything is so scary and confusing right now. I don’t really know what’s going to happen in the next couple of weeks.

    2. I would say it hasn’t hit me yet 😅 I’m planning on taking advantage of this extra time and work more on my blog and studio. I have so many books that I haven’t read yet so if I ever feel tired or bored, I have something to distract myself. How are you doing? I hope you are keeping well x

    3. Yeah all good. Just trying to get into routine at home and also spend some time on blog. So far so good. House is extra clean as spending more time doing house chores. But at times it gets tedious cause your in the same place lol. Trying to break that up with walks outside in the complex I stay in.

  2. Good ideas! I forgot about Mario Kart! Mario Galaxy is another old favorite. It also blends with the music idea. I’ve played the Super Mario Galaxy complete soundtrack when driving for work a couple of times. It makes driving in tight traffic more exciting!

  3. I am a Chinese junior high student blogger and YouTuber and I am busy with my school work all day. I have to stay at home but I don’t feel bored. I reckon that it is the best opportunity to remember new English words, so I always remember new English words every morning after I get up. I will carry a huge vocabulary after I am able to go outside. Also, I often write blog articles and record YouTube videos about tips to study better at home.
    This article is helpful to reduce my boredom at home and your ideas are awesome. Thanks for sharing and I hope you can stay safe!

    1. That’s good to know. Indeed, with some creativity and thinking out of the box, we can always use our time wisely and productively whether or not there’s quarantining. Keep safe always!

    1. I agree! I’m on 4 art store mailing lists and they either offer shipping options, or the latest, curb side pickup. No need to go into the store!

  4. Things are crazy out there, but we all just need to have fun and be positive.

    Nice tips. Am a fan of them, especially number 3. Am a game freak!

    Do stay safe!

  5. I like the suggestion about board games. I think they get overlooked a bit these days. They’re really good for social interaction. Good old Mario Kart as well – that brings back happy memories 😊

  6. Ive literally just been playing this game called apex but also started in mobile games and am addicted to some,plus if u play a lot you can get money or gift cards, but man does it take forever lol

    Now that u mention it. Im gonna have to start playing mario kart because when i start playing that one i never stop. It would really make this quarantine go by faster hehe

  7. i am impressed…thanks!
    and thank you for the like on my post.
    i would also like to know how you grow your audience.
    please follow me back 🙏

  8. Such great tips you share! Thank you. Staying at home is not simple, but of course it’s for a good purpose and we must think about the vulnerable people. Have a lovely day 🌸💕

  9. I’ve been trying to find a balance between speaking to friends online but not being on my phone too much!! I’ve just started up my blog again, do you have any tips on growing your readership? xx

  10. I couldn’t agree with you more! In times like this, we need a distraction; a reason to be motivated and to keep moving. No virus should and is supposed to cripple humanity. Not now that we are stronger and wiser.

    As for me, I work from home and spend my spare time singing some of my favorite songs and sharing them via Facebook and Youtube. I actually made a post about it as well. Lol.

    May you and your family have a safe yet fruitful days ahead. Let us all stay home to flatten the curve!

  11. I’m loving The Witcher on my Switch at the moment! Although I do keep getting stuck on some bits though which can be a bit frustrating!

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  13. Awesome post! Very informative and easy to read! If you have a minute to spare, can you check out my first ~real~ blog post? I just published it and I am eager to promote it on my socials but wanted to get some other blogger insights on it first! If you like what I have to say, hit that “like” button and let me know your thoughts in the comment section! Thank you so much in advance!!

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