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How To Stay Organised As A Blogger

Practice happy thinking every day.

Hey Loves! Blogging can be time consuming and demands a lot of work such as writing your blog posts, taking pictures, managing your social media accounts, answering emails and comments, searching for blog post ideas, interacting with other blogs/bloggers, well you get the gist of it!

The only way to maintain your blog is to be organised and using your time effectively, doing small tasks on an everyday basis can benefit your blog so much and it’ll make sure your blog is active all year long.

Salut tout le monde! Bloguer peut prendre beaucoup de temps et exige beaucoup de travail comme écrire vos billets de blog, prendre des photos, gérer vos comptes de médias sociaux, répondre à des courriels et des commentaires, rechercher des idées de blog, interagir avec d’autres blogueurs.

La seule façon de maintenir votre blog est d’être organisé et d’utiliser votre temps efficacement, faire de petites tâches au quotidien peut profiter autant à votre blog et il va s’assurer que votre blog est actif toute l’année.

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If there is one thing I’ve learnt is to take as many blog pictures as you can in a day for multiple blog posts. This helps a lot (especially if you’re in the UK) on the days when you don’t have natural lighting, this trick will make sure you’ve your blog pictures ready and obviously you don’t have to worry about taking them later.

Most of the times, your pictures don’t have to match your blog post unless you’re writing about a specific product. You can switch up some flatlay props and/or the background, and mix up the composition of your pictures. If you’re an avid Instagrammer then you can take both your Instagram and blog pictures at the same time!

S’il y a une chose que j’ai appris, c’est de prendre autant d’images de blog que vous pouvez en un jour pour plusieurs articles de blog. Cela aide beaucoup (surtout si vous êtes au Royaume-Uni) les jours où vous n’avez pas d’éclairage naturel, cette astuce va s’assurer que vous avez vos photos de blog prêt et, évidemment, vous n’avez pas à vous soucier de les prendre plus tard.

La plupart du temps, vos photos ne doivent pas correspondre à votre article de blog, sauf si vous écrivez sur un produit spécifique. Vous pouvez changer certains accessoires de flatlay et/ou l’arrière-plan, et mélanger la composition de vos images. Si vous êtes un instagrammer avide, vous pouvez prendre à la fois vos photos sur Instagram et sur votre blog en même temps!

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Personally for me, the most difficult part of blogging is writing a blog post. If there’s something I’ve learnt is to always prepare your blog posts beforehand, you don’t want to struggle at the last minute without having anything to publish.

Planning your blog posts in advance will make sure you always have a blog post ready to be published no matter what the situation is, whether you go on holidays or something unexpected comes up – your blog will still be running.

Obviously when you post regularly, your readers are most likely to visit your blog more often because they know you’re very active on your blog. Make sure to use planners and apps to write all your ideas!

Personnellement pour moi, la partie la plus difficile de bloguer est d’écrire un article de blog. S’il y a quelque chose que j’ai appris, c’est de toujours préparer vos articles de blog à l’avance, vous ne voulez pas vous battre à la dernière minute sans avoir rien à publier.

En planifiant vos posts à l’avance, vous aurez toujours un post de blog prêt à être publié quelle que soit la situation, que vous partiez en vacances ou que quelque chose d’inattendu arrive: votre blog sera toujours en cours d’exécution.

Évidemment, lorsque vous publiez régulièrement, vos lecteurs sont plus susceptibles de visiter votre blog plus souvent parce qu’ils savent que vous êtes très actif sur votre blog. Assurez-vous d’utiliser des cahiers et des applications pour écrire toutes vos idées!

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I used to write blog posts instantly (and still I’m doing it) but sometimes when you run out of ideas, it can become tricky! Always note your blog post ideas in a planner or app as soon as anything comes up in your mind so you don’t forget about them later on!

J’avais l’habitude d’écrire des billets de blog instantanément (et je le fais toujours) mais parfois, quand vous manquez d’idées, cela peut devenir difficile! Notez toujours vos idées de blog dans un agenda ou une application dès que quelque chose vous vient à l’esprit pour que vous ne les oubliez pas plus tard!

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Having goals in your mind each month can motivate you to do your best. For instance, have a goal to publish at least two times per week or to reach a certain number of followers on a social media platform.

Obviously, do this without putting too much pressure on yourself because the goal here is not for you to be disappointed at the end of the month if you don’t accomplish them. You can even share your goals in a blog post and do monthly updates.

Avoir des objectifs dans votre esprit chaque mois peut vous motiver à faire de votre mieux. Par exemple, avoir un objectif de publier au moins deux fois par semaine ou d’atteindre un certain nombre d’adeptes sur une plate-forme de médias sociaux.

Evidemment, faites cela sans trop vous mettre la pression car l’objectif ici n’est pas que vous soyez déçu à la fin du mois si vous ne les accomplissez pas. Vous pouvez même partager vos objectifs dans un article de blog et effectuer des mises à jour mensuelles.

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Interacting with other bloggers/blogs is very essential when you’re a blogger yourself, most of the time people who comment and like your blog posts are bloggers themselves so it’s all about sharing and giving back the love and support.

Interagir avec d’autres blogueurs/blogs est très important quand vous êtes un blogueur vous-même, la plupart du temps les gens qui commentent et aiment vos articles de blogs sont eux-mêmes des blogueurs, il s’agit donc de partager et de rendre l’amour et le soutien.

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xo N

  1. The part about interacting with other blogs doesn’t always work. I am an honest person and most people tend not to like my honest feedback. I’ve been banned from commenting on at least several of the blogs I follow so far.

    However, after more thoroughly reading your post here, it does have a lot of good advice and i realize it was just the sort of genre I was looking for. Thanks. I do need to become more organized as a blogger. It used t o be very natural to me at the end of the day, I just had a comfortable place to write down all that was on my mind, and I even took mental notes about things I wanted to blog about as I was living life. Having less life now, I suppose there is less to write about. In any case, I think you have helped me learn a little and it should help with my blog.

  2. All of these tips are SO good! It can be so hard to stay organised, I’m quite terrible at this myself. I don’t pre-plan/schedule posts ahead. So if all of a sudden a week comes up where I’m unable to sit behind my laptop and click that publish button my blog suffers! & whats worse is I acknowledge this happens but I still don’t pre-schedule! Why am I like this 😅. I do always make sure I’m not stressing about it though, my blog is my little positive, happy place & I don’t want to feel like its becoming a “chore” for me personally so I try not to give myself a hard time over not publishing regularly 🙈 I’ve started doing the writing ideas in a planner since a couple months though & thats so useful cause I have so so so many ideas now. Just need the physical time to type up/creative time.

    1. Thank you so much babe! I used to be like that, the first two years I rarely posted – I was literally posting once every full moon lol 😅 your blog is your little space so don’t be hard on yourself and don’t stress about it! xx

  3. This is such great advice, I definitely think that doing things in bulk is a good way to mix things up. I have just done a load of pictures today and hopefully I won’t need to do any more for a few weeks

  4. When I joined WordPress, I knew I had to learn about flatlays and all that stuff eventually but this is the post that got me started into learning! 😄 Great Post, I will be definitely using some of these to stay organised!

  5. Thanks for the post! So helpful for the new bloggers like myself 🙂 I agree about writing down ideas as soon as you think of them! This is one thing I’ve just started doing and am trying to write down everything for the idea as it comes.

  6. Wow! lots of helpful ideas! Thanks. I also like that you write in French. It will probably inspire me to brush up on the French I learned in school. Will be back soon for more tips.

  7. This post is very useful. I’m still learing about blogging so this content is so welcomming. Thank you!

  8. Thank you for your ideas. I’m absolutely a brand new blogger. I will be following you for more good tips especially, involving beauty. I specialize in compounding custom blended foundations and powders. See you soon.

  9. Reading this, I felt like you understand my pain lol …Seriously though, as a new mom I’m still struggling to find a rhythm with all that’s affiliated with blogging and raising an infant.

    1. I can’t imagine how hard it must be to spare time for blogging when you’ve a baby. Your blog isn’t going anywhere so don’t worry, you’ll eventually find time for your blog x

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  11. As someone who is just started to blog last week, thank you so much for the usefull tips. And your blog is def my favorite blog to read (and I can improve my french a bit)

  12. You are such a help to new bloggers. Organizing posts is a bit of challenge, it seems it is.)
    P.S. Awesome bilingual post… I read french (right?) like a toddler but got the idea it was the same thing. Thanks for checking on my site, regards.

  13. You know I never set myself a goal by opening my blog precisely for fear of not succeeding in reaching it. I’m afraid of the extra stress that it could bring me. But this article gave me the urge to try. So thanks to you

  14. This blogpost is really useful. I am just starting to write mine beforehand and I find it really effective.

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