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Dating While Social Distancing.

{AD} Due to the recent events, so many things might have had an impact in your life including your dating life. I’m pretty sure the last thing that is on people’s mind right now is dating while being confined in their home but I personally think you can take advantage of this time.

I know so many couples who are struggling so much during this situation so you can only imagine how hard it must be for people who only started to date. Whether you are in a relationship, single or dating – this is the perfect time to find the right person for you or to know if you are with the right person.

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I think this is the perfect time to truly find who the person you are dating is, the same applies if you are in a serious relationship or married. If you are on social media, you would have seen people dreading to work from home with their partner which started off as a funny and inoffensive joke but the truth is it’s a reality check for so many other couples.

If you literally can’t be at home all day with your partner then there might be a bigger issue. Obviously when you are dating, you are not living with that person (depending on your situation) but communication is very important. Being on the phone 24/7 is definitely not healthy but in this time if the other person isn’t reaching out to you nor sparing time to talk to you then you are probably the only person who is investing time in this relationship.

Not everyone has a positive approach being stuck at home, some might lash out whilst others keep everything inside. If you are online dating, you might sense some frustration, boredom or even anger from the other end which is understandable but don’t brush any red flags. You can easily spot red flags during this situation not because it brings the worst in people but because of the fact it enables them to show their real side.

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dating while social distancing - new lune - relationships

If you are an introvert and single, it’s the perfect time for you to date! One of the main reasons why is because of the fact you don’t have to go outside your home but still get to talk and interact with that person at the comfort of your own house. If you are dating, it’s the perfect time to have virtual dates! With the technology that’s currently available, you can easily talk and see that person – the distance won’t matter. You can get creative and even use emails to communicate! You can send gifts, letters, etc.

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One of the pros of this entire situation is the fact it will be worth the wait. You will have something to look forward to after everything ends. Whether you started dating before or after the lockdown, the first time you’ll be meeting each other after this apocalypse will be special. That’s one of the reasons why it’s better to date someone who lives in the same area/town as you because you will be able to easily meet with that person.

On the other hand, if you are online dating by using websites that are based specifically around your city, it’s as good as well. For instance, if you are looking for a Northampton dating site, Love Northamptonshire Singles is available. If you are looking for Cornwall dating, Love Cornwall Singles is available. You won’t have to travel or need to spend time apart as opposed to a long distance relationship. You can get into a traditional relationship immediately!

Even if you can’t find a boyfriend/girlfriend, you might be able to find a friend (which is very rare, I know) but during times like this, people are usually looking for companionship and you might be lucky!

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This might differ from each individual but the core of a relationship is based upon so many different things which obviously includes friendship and companionship. Every person is struggling one way or another, if somebody is able to comfort you and reassure you during this difficult time then that person might be the one for you.

The reason why I say “might” is because there are so many other things you have to take into consideration when starting a relationship. Just because someone was there for you doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be with that person. It simply means that person loves you. If the person you love and care for wasn’t there for you during this difficult time then that person might not be worth your time and effort.

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    1. 😁. Still, depends much on the person, but yes overall a lot more difficult on average, I am sure!

  1. Lucky for me you could say is I am in a long distance relationship. So this is normal for us haha. We have a good routine of checking in the morning before days starts with a video call or normal call depending on the network at the moment. We message during the day and then we catchup in the evening. During this tough time would have been great to be together.

    1. Aww I’m happy to hear that! Absolutely, it would have been much better but remember that it’s just temporary and you’ll be able to see each other again in a couple of week’s time.

  2. Lovely blog post, so true that it can really like show you different sides of your relationship whether you’re in a LTR or you’re a new couple!

  3. Thank you for this insightful article on dating. I heard that apps are adapting to this epidemic by offering a video chat feature. Wishing everyone a safe and healthy stay at home 🙂

  4. Ha, I’m so bad at dating anyway. I just don’t feel so guilty at putting zero effort in at the moment! I feel like I have an excuse!

    1. Haha that’s so me! But you get to see people’s true intentions during this period which is both fascinating and creepy lol 😅

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