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How To Keep Your Relationship Alive During The Pandemic

{AD} The quarantine is definitely so stressful for everyone. You don’t have an idea when it’s going to be over and you literally don’t know if everything will be back to normal after the lockdown ends either. It’s a difficult time for married couples & for couples who live together so I can’t imagine how difficult it must be for people who only started to date recently and live apart.

In today’s post, I wanted to share with you a number of ways to keep your relationship alive during this uncertain time whether you live together or not, or even if you are still in the process of getting to know the other person. Hopefully, these tips will help you to keep the spark alive in your relationship. So without further ado, let’s jump into the post!

La quarantaine est définitivement si stressante pour tout le monde. Vous n’avez pas d’idée quand ça va être fini et vous ne savez littéralement pas si tout sera de retour à la normale après la fin du verrouillage. C’est une période difficile pour les couples mariés et pour les couples qui vivent ensemble, donc je ne peux pas imaginer à quel point cela doit être difficile pour les personnes qui ont commencé à sortir récemment et qui vivent séparément.

Dans le post d’aujourd’hui, je voulais partager avec vous un certain nombre de façons de maintenir votre relation en vie pendant cette période incertaine, que vous viviez ensemble ou non, ou même si vous êtes toujours en train d’apprendre à connaître l’autre personne. Espérons que ces conseils vous aideront à garder l’étincelle dans votre relation. Alors sans plus tarder, passons au poste!

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Being independent is so important whether you are with someone or not but I personally think a relationship can flourish or go downhill based on how dependent you are of each other. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely think you should spend a lot of time together but if you start to spend an unnecessary amount of time with each other 24/7 – it can turn quite unhealthy.

Obviously because of this quarantine, a lot of couples are spending a lot of time with each other which for some it’s amazing whilst for others, it’s quite the opposite. You do need to have your own free time (which can include your work as well) in order to enjoy each other’s company when you get to spend time with each other.

I guess it depends on each individual in the relationship but after a while, you might get bored and don’t know what to do to entertain each other with all the free time you have in your hands. That’s why doing a hobby or activity together will be much more fun, you can either do one of your favourite hobbies or try a new hobby that you haven’t done before.

If you don’t live with each other, that’s not a problem either! You can do a hobby or activity through Facetime or even online! You can play an online game against each other or paint together at the same time and share the finished result at the end. Do what works for you and your significant other.

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how to keep your relationship alive during the pandemic - new lune - virtual date

Just because you are confined in your home doesn’t mean you can’t go on dates. Be creative and do your dates at home. If you live together, it’s literally the perfect opportunity to do something special! You can cook one of your favourite meals and decorate your place which will create the whole ambience.

If you live apart , don’t worry! You can do “Facetime dates” which will be even more fun. If you are still getting to know each other through dating websites like or any Bedfordshire dating site in general, it’s literally the perfect time to go on a “virtual date”. A virtual date is no different than a Facetime date but as opposed to seeing each other face, you can still create the same ambience through messages.

You don’t necessarily have to exchange your phone numbers or look at each other while talking if you are still in the beginning stage of your relationship. You will know for sure if you are able to connect with the other person through this experience and might take your relationship to the next level after the lockdown is over.

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What I mean by surprise is definitely not to go and visit your partner if you don’t live together because that’s quite irresponsible and stupid. Instead, do something unexpected that will make the other person happy. For instance, you can buy something that your significant other loves, it doesn’t have to be something super expensive either. It can be flowers, their favourite snacks, a beauty product, etc.

You can gift the item after you’ve run your errands, since it’s not something they were expecting and they will really appreciate it. However, if you don’t live together – it might be a bit tricky to surprise each other but it’s still doable! You can order something online and get it delivered at their address which is even more special. Think about what your partner likes and get creative with it!

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  1. Aw this was a really cute post to read.

    Whilst I’m not actually in a relationship, I’m still getting to know someone who I’ve yet to meet. It just so happened to be this way which I still find crazy…almost like an apocalyptic film but less dramatic haha!

    I agree about having time apart and not spending excessive amounts of time together. I’m a person who loves my own space so this is really important to me.

  2. These tips are useful for chatting and contacting friends while staying at home. Thanks for sharing and stay safe!

  3. Great piece, I’m definitely will be trying these out my girl and guys mates!. I think an interesting post would be to give tips on finding ‘love’ during quarantine ha. Keep up the great work love!

  4. I know in our home the pandemic has become a time for trying new and fancy recipes. One of our local movie houses has taken to selling popcorn curbside on Fridays and Saturday nights so we go buy a bag of sealed popcorn and bring it home for movie night.

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