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Favourites For Anxiety Relief and Positivity

Since I’ve got a lot of positive feedback from my blog post where I talked about the 10 things that had an impact on my happiness, I really wanted to share my favourite things to do for anxiety relief and positivity. I’ve never discussed about my anxiety before to anyone online nor on my blog and I know loads of people talk openly about it which is a good thing but it’s not a subject that I feel comfortable talking about it but nevertheless I wanted to share with you the things I do to boost my positivity!

Comme j’ai reçu beaucoup de commentaires positifs de mon article où j’ai parlé des 10 choses qui ont eu un impact sur mon bonheur, je voulais vraiment partager mes choses préférées à faire pour le soulagement de l’anxiété et la positivité. Je n’ai jamais parlé de mon anxiété à quelqu’un en ligne ni sur mon blog et je sais que beaucoup de gens en parlent ouvertement, ce qui est une bonne chose mais ce n’est pas un sujet dont je me sens à l’aise mais néanmoins je voulais partager avec vous les choses que je fais pour booster ma positivité!

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I find spending time on my blog is kind of therapeutic in a way (which is weird, I know lol), my blog has definitely turned into a passion over the years and I love the creative aspect of it whether it’s brainstorming blog post ideas or working on my blog photography!

Je trouve que passer du temps sur mon blog est un peu thérapeutique (ce qui est bizarre, je sais lol), mon blog est définitivement devenu une passion au fil des ans et j’adore son côté créatif que ce soit des idées de blog ou de travailler sur mon photographie!

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I’ve only been meditating around a year now but I’ve already seen a huge difference with my mind and thinking. I try to meditate every single day in the morning but realistically speaking, I don’t do it everyday. With meditation, I love the fact that you can relax but at the same time you feel like you’re gathering all your thoughts together to create a peaceful and organised mindset!

Je médite depuis un an seulement, mais j’ai déjà vu une énorme différence dans mon esprit et dans mes pensées. J’essaie de méditer tous les jours le matin, mais de façon réaliste, je ne le fais pas tous les jours. Avec la méditation, j’aime le fait que vous puissiez vous détendre mais en même temps vous avez l’impression de rassembler toutes vos pensées pour créer un état d’esprit paisible et organisé!

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If you’ve been following me for a long time, you know I love reading books and watching movies. My favourite genre is thriller and horror, although I’m not into horror genre when it comes to novels. The reason I love these genres so much is because they literally make me forget the real world and it’s something that doesn’t happen to me for any other genre.

Si vous me suivez depuis longtemps, vous savez que j’aime lire des livres et regarder des films. Mon genre préféré est le thriller et l’horreur, bien que je ne sois pas du genre horreur en ce qui concerne les romans. La raison pour laquelle j’aime tellement ces genres, c’est parce qu’ils me font littéralement oublier le monde réel et c’est quelque chose qui ne m’arrive pas à aucun autre genre.

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Last but not least, I love going out to get some fresh air even if that means it’s only for a couple of minutes. I’m a homebody and if I had the option I’d stay at home all day so when I go for a walk at the park, I literally savour every single second of it!

Dernier point mais non le moindre, j’aime sortir pour prendre l’air, même si cela signifie que ce n’est que pour quelques minutes. Je suis un casanier et si j’avais l’option je resterais à la maison toute la journée donc quand je vais faire une promenade au parc, j’en savoure littéralement chaque seconde!

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xo N

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    1. I agree with you, when there are a lot of people I hate going out but in the morning, there are only a few at the park (where I go) so I find it relaxing x

  1. Going out to the park, or a certain few cafes does me, as well as chilling at home.

    I like the smell of lavender. But there is a couple of perfumes I have, that I find help me relax.

    1. I’ve hay fever so strong scents and perfumes don’t go along with my nose 😅 but I do agree with you, going to certain places relaxes you x

    2. I have hayfever too. But last couple of years, I have hardly no reaction. This may be cos of change of tablets, as only ever been on one type since first taking them in my teens, or because of honey in my diet.
      Perfumes can make me sneeze more, if hayfever is bad.x

    3. You’re so lucky! I’ve changed my tablets twice since I’ve moved to the UK and it has improved now compared to how it was when I was in France (it was so horrible back then). I’ve never heard of the honey trick, maybe I should add honey in my diet 🤔 thanks for the suggestion x

    4. I read somewhere recently to start the honey a month before your hayfever starts. When I started taking honey, I wasn’t aware of this tip, as I had started back in February I think, for different reasons. I have had at least a teaspoon a day, (suggested amount) in a hot drink like black tea, or camomile tea. But sometimes two of my hot drinks contained some honey.

  2. I’m trying to get back into meditation. I’ve read some techniques for one minute ones to kind of start out and get back into it. Once I get through moving into my apartment I believe I can better plan a full on meditation in the mornings like I want a long with workouts. I loved this post, thank you!!

  3. I find blogging therapeutic too, it’s definitely a distraction. I think anxiety is something we all suffer from as humans as a normal emotion. I was anxious at the Rapidlash casting I went to in London recently, but I tried not to focus on it too much – Seems to help! Great post.

    Samantha x


    1. Thank you lovely! I agree with you, I don’t try to focus on it too much and remind myself that I’m not alone and there are many people in the same boat as I am, and that helps me x

  4. I’m here if you ever need o talk about a problem 🙂 a problem shared, is a problem halved!!! you’re an amazing, inspirational, beautiful, strong minded and gorgeous girl ❤ & I love your tips, exercise also calms down my anxiety, I've been focusing on that to help!

    Serene XO


  5. Fresh air and meditation had always worked for me. A walk in the park helps is diverting mood away from the issues to the calm nature.

  6. I don’t openly talk about anxiety either…maybe just with my best friends but it’s definitely something that’s easier to open up about on a blog than it is in real life. It’s so brave of you to share the tips to combatting anxiety. One of my best friends is a writer and she openly talks about her anxiety. Maybe not so much in person but she definitely voices it on her social media. This is one of the reasons why social media is so great.

    Blogging definitely helps. I think I need to get into doing yoga or doing little exercises where I spend 10 minutes a day of “quiet-time”. I’m sick this weekend and I think part of it is because I’ve been on-the-go a lot lately. My body clock changed ever since I started a new job and then nowadays when I sleep, it’s on average 6 hours which feels plenty for me. 7 hours feels too much and I don’t know why!!

    1. I completely agree with you, it’s much easier to talk about it online than in real life and as you said that’s one of the reasons why I love social media, we get to share and open up about so many things.

      I’d really recommend meditation, I try to do it every day but some days I can’t. I have never done yoga before but it’s something I want to look into! I completely understand how you feel, that happens to me as well when I’m in a new environment. Our bodies and brains need time to adjust, I need at least 6 hours of sleep otherwise my body doesn’t function properly so I always try to go to bed early lol. Thank you so much for reading my lovely x

  7. I find writing in general, therapeutic, but blogging has been a really good way to express myself. I’ve also been journalling for the last few years which really helps and I have just started doing ‘Morning Pages’ which I like doing so far. Great post!

  8. great post, I’m similar I haven’t talked much about my anxiety or mental health illnesses online or on my blog. I’ve been doing meditation I definitely need to work on it more and getting more exercise and sunshine, its so easy to just stay inside and hide.

    I’m doing a little series soon on my blog focusing on mental health, I wanted to do it injunction with liptember which is an Australian mental health campaign I’m doing it with some friends. I thought it would be a good time for me to open up about some stuff.

  9. As strange as it seems I’ve found that going out helps my anxiety too. You’d think staying in your safe place would help, but if I stay home I will just dwell on that anxuous feeling. Going out either alone or to meet someone always helps me get outta my head and puts things back into perspective.

  10. This post is great! I can totally relate to what you are saying. My other half knows about my anxiety struggles but I keep it hidden from everyone else! I really want to get into meditation so it was great to hear how it has worked for you. I hope I am brave enough to write about this on my blog one day. Thanks for posting this.

    Jess https://www.beyondthefrontcover.blog

  11. Love this! 💚
    I’m also a lover of horror films!
    I usually go for a nice long walk with my dog but I’m definitely going to give meditation a try.
    Thanks for sharing xx

  12. Honestly I love this; it’s been such a great help since I’ve been getting such bad anxiety these past couple days. Thanks for this I appreciate it X

  13. Love your post! I am someone who is open about my anxiety (at least online) and I have a blog myself about anxiety and some personal stories that I felt like sharing.

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  15. I have been practicing yoga for over 5 years now. I must say that it has really infused positivity to a great extent in me. I completely agree with your point that meditation and activities such as reading books, doing exercise really work wonders in reducing anxiety, while building peace and calmness without ourselves. Here is one more article that I feel your readers can greatly benefit as well.

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