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A Cosy Self-Care Routine

{AD} After a very long or busy day, it’s completely normal to feel lost or unmotivated to do anything. Especially during the current climate right now, being confined in your home isn’t the most ideal situation that’s why today I wanted to share with you my self-care routine filled with tips to detox yourself physically and mentally from all the stress and work you had the last couple of weeks/months.

There is a huge misconception when it comes to self-care. Self-care is more than treating yourself or indulging in sweets. Self-care focuses on your physical & mental health which is highly important to combat depression, anxiety, burnout, procrastination or feeling unmotivated.

If you take care of your body and mind, you will feel much more positive and at ease that’s why creating a self-care routine is very important. You should never underestimate the power of a good self-care routine! You can obviously incorporate this self-care routine daily or on a weekly or regular basis. So without further ado, let’s jump into the post!

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The first thing you need to focus when it comes to your self-care routine is your environment. You need to be in a peaceful environment that inspires and makes you feel calm and happy. The easiest way to achieve that is by cleaning your home which I know sounds so crazy. I would highly recommend to clean your workspace/desk and bed every day.

Not only this will give you a great start every morning but one of your chores will be out of the way as soon as you wake up. You can create a peaceful environment by burning some candles as well especially if they are your favourite scent. They will instantly make your room smell amazing and create a cosy feel.

Your interior definitely plays a huge part when it comes to turning your house into a home. You can obviously decorate and add pieces to make your bedroom feel more cosy such as a crushed velvet divan set which will make your room look elegant and modern.

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Working out has so many benefits but if I am honest, it’s very hard to find the time to work out on an everyday basis especially if you have a hectic schedule. You don’t necessarily need to go to the gym to work out, you can definitely do it from the comfort of your own home.

In addition, you don’t really have to do workouts to detox your body physically. You can do yoga and meditation as well as dance! It’s all about doing things that will help you be in the best shape and form. Once again, this doesn’t mean loosing or gaining weight – it’s about being as healthy as possible.

You should eat properly as well which includes not skipping meals and having a healthy diet. You can obviously indulge in chocolates once in a while to reward yourself but make sure to follow a healthy diet. Another important element of your self-care routine is your skincare and haircare. Your physical health is more than your body, it includes your skin and hair as well.

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The next thing you need to focus on is your mind. You need to give yourself a mental detox in order to relax. One of the best things you can do is stop using your phone constantly. It’s definitely not good for your mental health. Turn off your phone and laptop.

Do something that will make you feel relaxed and happy such as reading one of your favourite books, watching a TV show or film, etc. Some people find journalling to be very calming and peaceful whilst others prefer drawing or cooking – it’s all up to your personal preference.

If you don’t feel inspired to do anything, don’t force yourself to do something. Even sitting in your favourite spot at home or watching the view from your windows will make a huge difference in terms of your mental health.

Also, I would highly recommend to organise your thoughts. You can do that by writing in a planner or working out your to-do lists for the next week or month. You will feel much more in control of your life and it will help you de-clutter all your thoughts.

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  1. It took me a long time to realize the true meaning of self care so I hear you on that misconception 🙌 I so often ignore that my surroundings can have an effect on me so I need to take more notice of that and I also want to get into writing daily to do lists as I swayed from doing that a while ago. Great post as always! ✨💕

  2. I feel the constant fight between being so unproductive and getting 200 things done in a single day. It’s so important to take a mental health day from time to time!

  3. I am a Chinese junior high student blogger and YouTuber, and I am very busy with my study tasks. The tips mentioned in this article are helpful for me very much. Thanks for posting! Without help in this article, I would not have had a better life while studying at home.
    In my free time, I usually remember new English words, listen to podcasts, read articles from my favorite bloggers, write my blog articles, play table tennis, read books, and talk with my English friends.

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